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FOURSTAR is a privately owned B2B IMPORT/EXPORT and Supply chain company established in 2010. We have built an enviable reputation in direct acquisition for International Trade Commodities (ITC) to our clients around the world since the last 19 years.

FOURSTAR has a satisfied network of clients in Gulf, Ukraine & CIS countries, Europe, China and many countries in Africa & around the world for their requirements including private clients and large-size organisations.


FOURSTAR has established excellent relationships with the suppliers, associates, affiliates and partners in the market. Honesty, Sincerity, Integrity, Flexibility, Reliability and Credibility as our pillars.

Backed by a decade of experience in comfort solutions and services for the Import & Export arena, 4 Star Enterprises is one among the market leaders in moderating trade. Our operations are administered through multiple offices , subsidiaries and skilled manpower in India & abroad. We are committed to share our in-depth knowledge regarding the trade with our clients to make their endeavour a success. 

FOURSTAR has a growing group of customers, based in Middle East, Asia, CIS countries, Africa, Europe and South America. We are currently working with numerous companies who are looking to expand into the global B2B market. The firm aims to supply business with a professional import/export service and has an expert team at service. FOUR STAR ENTERPRISES ensures that the clients receive excellent service. A well versed marketing strategy will be in place to obtain and supply products as per the demands of customers as well as country regulations and procedures.



FOURSTAR represents manufacturers from India, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Srilanka, Honkong, Thailand, Indonesia, Turkey, Maldives and in Africa. The company is also familiar as well with the political regulatory requirements and conditions, which must be dealt with.


FOURSTAR is an international export management company to help manufacturers establish an immediate and dedicated international division. Manufacturing, an extensive industry by itself, most manufacturing companies do not have the time, the resources, or the knowledge required to develop and expand their international revenues. On the top, the cost of starting an in-house division can be fairly expensive. Operating expenses, like systems, communications, utilities, personnel, etc., can diminish their bottom-line profits.

As the client’s partner, FOURSTAR ENTERPRISES manages the daily complexities of your business and helps to reduce their operating costs, allowing them to maximise their investment dollars towards marketing and building their brand name overseas..

The company enjoys an excellent reputation for outstanding service, and a long list of major clients are assured of high and dependable service levels. It is the company’s policy to understand customer’s needs and apply the company’s experience and knowledge to meet them in an honest, competitive and professional manner.


Every business makes the decision whether they should continue using their time and resources in search of markets and customers or consider using outside source contracts with EMCs (Export Management Companies) such as FOURSTAR.